Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dear Smart Bro

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I've been your client for more than 5 years. I even extended my contract for another 2 years. Kindly be a little lenient if my payment is delayed for a month or two. Are you not contented of sending me text message to remind me that I owe you money? I just got a call from one of your agents and frankly I rather hear the automated one because I can just drop the call and not listen to the whole B.S. plus the recorded call message do not ask too many questions like when I will be able to pay my bill and remind me that I still have an overdue bill last month and saying that we will expect your payment on the agreed date!

I know that your agents are just doing their job but I hope that you teach them when to stop asking all sorts of questions. I already told her that I havent received my latest statement but she still talked about my bill as if she didnt cared what I told her. She just continued on talking and pointing that I already missed paying my last month's bill. You see, she didnt even bothered to check my account prior on calling because when I asked her how much my total current bill is she dosnt know. I already paid half of my bill last month and even if its just half, my last bill was just around one thousand pesos.

I've been lenient with your lousy services for the past 6 years! Honestly speaking, if there's an alternative internet provider in our area then I will be more glad to end my contract with you but sadly I have to be patient and stick with your bad services.

I really dont mind when you remind me to pay my bills but hopefully you can find a way to make it not feel a little too pushy and it would be great if you will give what you promised. If you are using Smart Bro Internet Connection like me, I know that you understand how slow smarbro connection can be. After testing my internet speed with any Bandwidth Meter sites, I usually get connection speed ranging only from 160 kbps – 225 kbps and sometimes even slower than 160 kbps which is way below than what they promised. I tried calling them about it but still no action is done by smartbro.
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