Thursday, July 14, 2011

Experience Google+

The Google+ Plus ProjectAfter waiting for an invite for Google Plus i just got, all thanks to Berny for giving me an invite. So I signed up and tested it last night.

After Google unveiled their newest project Google+ I've been searching the Internet on how I can get an invite. Currently you can get an invite by visiting The Google + project site. Google+ aims to get a piece of popularity of social networking websites like Facebook and hopes to get a share of the pie. This new social networking segment not only will going to compete with Facebook but will make one of the biggest search engine company into one giant social network.

Google+ is currently in a very limited field test and from the looks of it, this one definitely looks interesting. I am currently testing what it can do and it really looks cool and the potential for Google+ to be big is there but its still too early to predict whether it can actually be successful in beat Facebook or make people get hook with it.
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