Friday, January 25, 2013

Excited to see my college friends again

my happy college friends
Soon, I am going to meet my college friends again before Joy leaves for Australia to pursue her studies, work and maybe find Love. After she announced that she will be leaving for Australia on the second week of February, I was on mixed emotions. One, I was excited that a friend will go on a journey, will meet new people and see new place but I also felt sad because another friend will be leaving and it will take some time to see each other again.

While my girl friends are getting ready to find the perfect party dress for that special day, I just realized that I haven’t bought any new clothes lately. Pair of gray pants and white long sleeves is the last two items I bought for myself last year. Since I decided to start saving some money, I have no choice but to check my closet to see if I still have some good clothes that I can wear for that day.

The meet up was supposed to be this Saturday but decided to move it on a later date since a friend will not be available because she just left the country and will be in Thailand for a week. I was supposed to join the Thailand trip but last year I promised to myself that I will go frugal this year because I want to save money and earn my first 1 Million. Actually my target for this year is to earn 100,000 Pesos but that’s another story.

Ana suggested that we go to our alma mater to take some pictures together. She also suggested that we do the activities we love to do before. So I suggested some activities like billiards, watch movie and eating French fries besides the campus bridge. I am sure that we will surely enjoy that day because we have a lot of things planned for that day!

Even though I am a little sad that Joy will be leaving us but what the heck… technology is there to make it easier for us to keep tabs of each other. Right?

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