Sunday, April 25, 2010

Earn Money Online Via Mylot

I cant remember if this will be my first post on how to earn money online but anyway from this day on you can expect that i will add more information on how to earn money online.

First stop is register to Mylot. I have been a member of Mylot for several years already and in that span of time i have earned around 2000 pesos just for joining in the discussion. I usually participate in mylot whenever i feel bored or i got nothing to do. It's a good way also to socialize with people and talk to them. What i like with Mylot is it is easy to understand and you get to express your thoughts and opinions about different topics that matter to you. They got a wide range of topics that you can take part or you can start your own discussion.

Extra Mylot Tip: Start discussions about your interests, your likes, dislikes and etc. If you enjoy forums or discussion boards then Mylot is perfect for you!

You will get few cents for every post you make and once you have accumulated earnings of $10.00 or more then you will qualify for an earnings payment. You can also set your minimum payment earnings to $25, $50 or $100. When you reached your minimum payment you will be paid via Paypal. If you dont have any paypal account then i suggest you read my post about My Union Bank Eon Card Application. It can help you set up a Paypal account if you are here in the Philippines.

You can also check to know if paypal is available in your country... if not then dont worry there are still other ways to earn money online.

I just got another payment from Mylot and below is my current earnings from the program. So what are you waiting for? Sing up on mylot and start earning your first dollars online - Mylot registration and before i forgot, do not forget to put jep_toyo as your referrer in

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