Sunday, April 25, 2010

What are Jejemons?

According to urban dictionary JEJEMONS are:

1. Usually seen around social networking sites such as Friendster and Multiply, jejemons are individuals with low IQs who spread around their idiocy on the web by tYpFing LyK diZS jejejeje, making all people viewing their profile raise their eyebrows out of annoyance. Normal people like you and me must take a Bachelor of Arts in Jejetyping in order to understand said individuals, as deciphering their text would cause a lot of frustration and hair pulling.

2. whether you are rich, middle class or poor if eU tYpE L1K3 tHiS pfOuh..e (you typle like this) you are considered as JEJEMON

Here are some signs of JEJEMON People?

Sign that it is a jeje you are dealing with is that he (they are most commonly masculine) seems to have low intelligence.
This is because
1. they can not express themselves in the English language as good as an average person
2. it seems that their kind is simply dumber.
3. Their names are also often begun with "El" then followed with a random spanish or portuguese word.
4. they put too much letters and symbols in everyword they say even in their god damn NAMES or ALYASES.

CAUTION: These individuals are breeding! They can be seen wrecking grammatical havok on facebook and other social networking websites as well!

mrami sa MGa~ kBTaaN ngUn~ Ang tLa~ BgA e~ GUMgmIt nG k2Ibng leNgUahE Na PRA sa ibA Sa~ aTn~ AY~ mhiRaP~ INtNDIHN p0wh. ANG mga kBtaAn O MGA TAOng gumgMiT ng~ LeNgUAheng~ i2 Ay TNTAwg Na mga JEjEMons p0wh.~ kUmbGa, kUnG aNg MGA ThIrD GENDEr nTnG Mga~ KbByN~ Ay my srILIng~ Wika PRa~ iPHATd~ AnG kNilaNg~ slOobN~ o~ 0pInyN sA isNG~ bgy AnG MgA jeJeMonZ NMn aY gYUn DIn P0wH. e2 nB AnG KsUnOd Na lEbEL NG~ ATnG WIKNg TaglOG, n0H?~ WG NMn sNA, daHIl TYak nA mHIhiRapn AqnG~ INtNDIHn KUnG Nu~ MN aNG MGa nINNaIz NIlAnG SbHN Kpg ngktaOn~ P0Wh.~

i JuST tRied using j0LOGz-in2R tRANSla2r pRoGM THAT i SW SomeWEr~ P0WH. IvE~ beEN postng~ Lyk~ ThIz On MY~ facebOOk f0r d Pst 3 dAYZ juSt 2 IRRit8 mY~ frieNdSHipz ND BoY IT wOrKEd~ LyK A chaRM p0WH. ^_^~


Marami sa mga kabataan ngayon ang tila baga e gumagamit ng kakaibang lenguahe na para sa iba sa atin ay mahirap intindihin. Ang mga kabataan o mga taong gumagamit ng lenguaheng ito ay tinatawag na mga "jejemons." Kumbaga, kung ang mga third gender nating mga kababayan ay may sariling wika para ipahatid ang kanilang saloobin o opinyon sa isang bagay ang mga jejemons naman ay gayun din. Eto na ba ang kasunod na lebel ng ating wikang tagalog? Wag naman sana, dahil tiyak na mahihirapan akong intindihin kung ano man ang mga ninanais nilang sabihin kapag nagkataon.

I just tried using jologs-inator translator progam that i saw somewhere. I've been posting like this on my facebook for the past 3 days just to irritate my friends and boy it worked like a charm. ^_^
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