Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Hayden Sex Videos Scandals

There are certain things that we should keep to ourselves and limit the things that we share to the public like Youtube. As much as possible do not keep scandalous videos or you will end up like what happened to Hayden Kho and Katrina Halili whose video scandal videos (yes its plural) spread online faster than wild fire.

And if you are looking for that hot Hayden Sex Videos Scandals or Chito Miranda and girlfriend Neri Naig sex scandal better think twice before you download that sex scandal video because hackers and computer virus writers are now using it to exploit vulnerability of your computer system. You might end up loosing some personal information like bank accounts or catching some virus that can wipe your important data. Read on.

MANILA, Philippines—Hackers and computer virus writers have exploited the controversial sex videos now making rounds on the Internet, antivirus firm Trend Micro said Tuesday.
Malicious software are making their rounds in some US government websites masking themselves as links to the actual sex videos, Trend Micro through TrendLabs said.
The antivirus firm has identified computer Trojans TROJ_DLOAD.TID and its payload, TROJ_COGNAC.J, hidden in at least two US government websites.
The first attack was detected early last week, allegedly in the website of the San Bernardino County (
The attacked was meant to trick people into clicking a link to reveal supposed nude video of local actress Katrina Halili who was among those embroiled in the controversial sex videos.
The second attack, found by TrendLabs Analyst Joseph Pacamarra, was located in a state-wide information portal of Washington DC.
The security software firm has not yet announced the name of the website.
Similar to the San Bernardino County website attack, the other attack on the other US government website also leads to a video website, which supposedly contains the lurid videos.
TrendLabs explained that a blank website opens when a user clicks on the link in the compromised US government website. This then requires the user to download a codec to be able to watch the video. But that codec software allows the Trojan to slip into the user’s computer, enabling the virus writers to sneak in more malicious software into their systems.
No explanation was made as to why the computer virus authors chose the controversial sex scandal rocking the Philippines to trick people in a US government website to deliver their malware.
The sex video scandal has embroiled Filipino celebrity doctor Hayden Kho and sexy actress Halili and other personalities.

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