Monday, October 27, 2008

Big plans of Sony for PlayStation Portable

We've seen convergence of other technologies like camera and skype to our PSP camera but SONY'S PSP is still not being used to its full potential. This claim does not only come from avid game experts but from within Sony itself.

But all of these will soon change. New features will be added to the miniature console playstation portable (PSP) that could transform the way we use our PSP and SONY are also preparing bigger changes for next year.

The PSP is more than just a games console and in additions it can also be used for internet surfing, free call-making, messaging-sending, free download of games, live television-screening machine that you shouldn't leave home without.

According to Sony they are starting revolutionary changes after they release their new version of the hand-held console, called the PSP-3000. The new PSP-3000 looks almost identical to the Slim & Lite version of last year, although its form hides three important additions.

For more detailed comparison check my previous post here:

Sony also updated the software for the PSP gadget adding, among other things, direct access to a game download store where you can download games, free game demos, movie trailers or even free PSP wallpapers. I think that downloading games directly to PSP is a nifty updated from Sony but I dont think this will stop people from getting Illegal downloaded games from their PSP 3000 homebrew.

Another nifty PSP software update is they added a full-size, onscreen keyboard to make entering text easier and a sleep timer that can be used during music playback. Well that will surely make it easier for those who use the GO messenger to send messages to their friends.

For finale... Sony will also add one more important function to the PSP which will turn your PSP into a miniature television in the first half of 2009. The new service will be called PlayTV which will let you access these downloads over the internet or play live television on the small screen.

"You will be able to access them via any wireless internet hotspot, so basically your PSP turns into a portable TV screen," Ephraim says. "That's when we're going to make a concerted effort to communicate all the incredible features of the PSP: watch TV, Skype, download games, everything."

Who don't want that? But here in our country where dial connection is faster than wireless internet hotspot that can surely give you some head ache unless you have your own internet connection at home and make it wifi... but wait I dont think you will be using your PSP to surf the net at home since you already have a desktop or laptop.

PSP is really becoming a more versatile device. It's like you have your small desktop in your pockets. I hope I will see more applications developed specifically for PSP so we can also use it for office automation... That will be cool... If that happens I can have an excuse why I am using my PSP... If you have the dough to buy the new PSP-3000 then buy one and hopefully you wont forget to post here your experience with your new PSP 3000.
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