Thursday, August 28, 2008

No Homebrew for PSP-3000?

hacked pspOne of the most serious problem of Sony is unauthorized hacking of the PSP. Hackers managed to run unsigned code which gave them the ability to revert to an unprotected version of the firmware and later on to install completely custom pirate firmware. With this custom pirate firmware they were able to play pirated PSP games downloaded from the internet.

Developers like Ready at Dawn and Capcom have lost more than 50% of their prospective revenues to software piracy and there are other software producers lost more than $4 million per week because of piracy. I bet they are not very happy losing that much money.

How to defeat piracy is one of the biggest concerns of Sony. They may have been planning to do some drastic changes to stop homebrew on the new PSP-3000 model. There will be great changes with the new PSP-3000 aside from what is already confirmed changes to the overall design of the PSP-3000. The biggest changes to the handheld will probably to fight homebrew hackers. How? The new PSP-3000 will probably have a new battery pack and reboot system that makes “Pandora” attack useless. The new PSP-3000 will surely have some new aggressive anti-piracy measures to stop hackers reverse engineering the handheld device.

Will Sony's security measurements be enough to stop people from hacking the new PSP-3000 device? I dont think this will stop people like Dark Alex to try penetrate the new PSP-3000 and there are many people/hackers out there that have great enthusiasm for the new device. They are very eager to discover how they can use the device to run codes such as emulators, chat clients and most of all to pirate psp games.

There is a very extremely skilled hackers out there ready to buy the new PSP-3000 and try to be the first one to uncover whatever hardware protections Sony decides to implement with the new PSP-3000 handheld. Its only a matter of time until a hacker breaks the secrets of the new PSP-3000.

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