Monday, September 22, 2008

Temporary emails

If you're like me who always get bombarded with email spam. Here's a nifty trick you can try out to avoid wasting your time checking out and deleting those buy viagra emails (Man... as if i need it! lol). Try using a temporary email for your online applications etc. Here's a short list of temporary/disposable email services that can give you a temporary email inbox which is totally spam free and needs no registration or sign up:

1. Mailinator is one of the best and top rated disposable email services that gives you a temporary mailbox in this format e.g.
2. MyTrashMail here is good mail service that gives you a mailbox in the address format e.g. but wait you can also get a secure temporary mailbox if you signup
3. MailExpire stands out in the crowd by giving you the option to have a temporary inbox ranging from 12 hours expiry to as long as 3 months
4. TemporaryInbox is another easy to use temporary email service that gives you an email address in different formats
5. MailEater uses the format e.g.
6. Jetable aside from allowing you to set the life span of your temporary email inbox but also allows you to forward the mails in your temporary inbox to your real email address
7. SpamBox (my favorite) gives you a temporary email address this format e.g. and allows you to set the lifespan of your inbox up to a year - cool!
8. GuerillaMail lets you generate a temporary email which expires in a time of 15 minutes and also tell you how to offer a temporary email service on your site.
9. SpamHole provides you a 2 hour long temporary email inbox at the address format e.g.
10. 10MinuteMail generates an easy 10 minute email inbox for your temporary email needs
11. DontReg is one bigger, better, faster and safer temporary email inbox solution
12. TempoMail is one new temporary email inbox services that give you spam-free mailbox
13. TempEmail aims to give you a fast, anonymous yet secure temporary email inbox
14. PookMail is a multi-language temporary email inbox service that gives an email address in the format e.g.
15. SpamFree24 is a new multi-domain temporary email inbox service which is growing rapidly
16. KasMail requires registration, allows up to 25 aliases, can set aliases to expire after a certain amount of time.
17. SpamMotel requires registration, provides mail forwarding, mail can be accessed through desktop e-mail clients, can reply to e-mail from your real e-mail address using SpamMotel e-mail.
18. GreenSloth requires no registration, receive-only, e-mail expires automatically after a week
19. AnonInbox requires no registration, simple, no frills.
20. is a fast disposable email service which requires no registration, no frills. You can see all spam being sent to all accounts, or just your own.

so pick which temporary email suit you best and lets all live a happy and email spam free life... ^_^
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