Thursday, October 18, 2007

What to do with spam emails!

Lately I have been receiving a lot of spam emails in my mailbox and I really HATE receiving all those craps. It’s a waste of time and space! Most of us receive junk email messages from people we don't know! If you don’t then you should count your blessings.

There are people or companies that use email marketing to pitch their products and services. For me, email marketing is ok as long as I opted in or subscribed to them but since I started using the internet I never subscribed to anything that I am not interested and I hardly subscribe to any. There are also those pesky spammers that just want to get your personal info and use it for their advantage! There are people who have lost their money to bogus offers that arrived in their email in-box. I hate whatever type of unsolicited commercial email or "spam" that I get. It’s annoying and time consuming.

The Federal Trade Commission has a law against deceptive commercial email and spammers' responsibilities under the CAN-SPAM law. Hopefully this will reduce the amount of spam email in your in-box. Whenever you get deceptive spam email from someone forward it to The FTC will enforce the law to those people who send deceptive email.

Remember to forward the email first to before you block it. Ill be posting more information and useful tools that you can use to fight email spamming.
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