Thursday, September 18, 2008


For the past 2 weeks i was bombarded with email spams everyday in my inbox. I always get the same message enough to drive me crazy and go crazy. The message subject is INTERESTING ONLINE PROGRAM and the body only consist of these lines. (DO NOT VISIT THAT SITE!)

Get $349,859.00 For A One-Time Fee Of $29.99! -
Get $349,859.00 For A One-Time Fee Of $29.99! -

It sent an automatic reply email spam to everyone who will email me.

I've tried to change password but it didnt work... Till i saw someone posted the same problem when i searched it on the internet or should i say GOOGLED it (lol) the term jadver (note dont visit their website), I saw this very helpful tip on how to solve this problem.

Apparently, all of my contacts are getting this spam because it has changed my "out of office" or "vacation setting" so that anyone sending me an email gets an automatic response with he spam message. Here's how you can fix this problem.

1. Go to " Settings"
2. Change your "Vacation responder" and "Signature" or erase whatever written on that field.
3. Change your password
4. Scan your system for Malware of Adware.

Hope this helps.
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