Friday, September 19, 2008

Ely Buendia's death

There are rumors spreading that the former Eraserheads frontman Ely Buendia is dead? The rumor of Buendia's death spread like wildfire early this week.

Apparently this rumor is false.

"He (Ely) is alive and well and eating pistachios," Day Cabuhat said.

According to cabuhat, the 37-year-old vocalist just laughed at rumors that he had died after undergoing an angioplasty last September 1 following the long-awaited Eraserheads' reunion concert last month.

Buendia reportedly collapsed backstage and experienced chest pains after the first set of the Eraserheads reunion concert held at the Fort Bonifacio Open Field in Taguig City on August 30. After being treated at Makati Medical Center's emergency room, Ely Buendia was then transferred to the Philippine Heart Center (PHC) the next day.

Cabuhat assured that Buendia's fans and supporters has nothing to worry about the health of the Pupil frontman because he is now doing better and is recovering from surgery.
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