Thursday, August 21, 2008

Paris Hilton

Paris HiltonI know most of you guys have already watched Paris Hilton movie where you can see Paris Hilton in bikini and other videos in the gallery of Paris Hilton. But to most of you this will surely be the first time you will ever see Paris Hilton reading a book. YES, Paris is reading a book and not just any ordinary book but a book of Sun Tzu’s Art of War. This book was used for centuries by generals and businessmen to overcome seemingly impassable obstacles and dominate their enemies.

I dont know if Paris Hilton is a geek deep down inside. Or this new Paris Hilton photo is just another marketing strategy trying to make people think that she also has a geekness somewhere insider her and make people somehow forget what most of us have think that she's "a ______ blonde". Well I really like what she did in the presidential campaign spoof a few weeks ago and I'm sure many people from the blogosphere has sympaty toward her and with this new Paris Hilton picture there will surely some people that will say that she must not be so dumb after all. I heard that she did the whole “commercial” without cue cards… the little darling memorized those big words and delivered them with a poise.

If you’re one of the rare person who hasn’t seen it yet, here it is, for your viewing enjoyment.
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