Monday, August 04, 2008

Are you cuil?

cuilRead as "Are you cool". Cuil (cool)

The Google alternative Cuil (pronounced "cool") has already debuted. Cuil is led by former Google search execs and I know that there are still somewhere out there that thinks that we need an alternative to Goggle. Cuil's got mixed reaction on its first week. There were even cases that Cuil's search results were often weird and off-base and if you are someone like me who is curious about what the heck is CUIL then I bet you too tried to search for your favorite websites and got disappointed with the site crashed on launch day. Well I dont know if all your Cuil's queries gave you a fast and high-quality search results like Goggle does but I am pretty disappointed when I tried Cuil. What's got me interested about Cuil is the founders behind it. But in spite of this... Im still giving Cuil a chance... They're still new and I bet after some time in the Search Engine Arena... they will be able to come up with a better algorithms or high-quality search results like Goggle does.

*update: I tried searching for my blog again in Cuil but sadly didnt find my blog in the first 10 pages T_T

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