Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tacsiyapo release your anger!

Are you angry? Hurt? Or just want to release your anger?

Then the Tacsiyapo wall of Isdaan located in Tarlac Philippines is the perfect place to release all that anger! We went there again on our way to Baguio to eat breakfast before we head out to our up north road trip. I first visited Tacsiyapo at Isdaan Restaurant way back 2008. Now other parts of the restaurant have also been developed like the angry birds and this elephant.

Isdaan Retaurant Tarlac

Angry Birds statues at Isdaan Tarlac

Buddha statues at Isdaan Restaurant Tarlac

“Tacsiyapo” means is a local cuss word which means “P_tang Ina” in Tagalog and “Son of a B_tch” in English. Tacsiapo is a special area in Isdaan Restaurant where you can buy mug, plates and other things like radio and TV and trow it to Tacsiyapo Wall. The wall was specially built for individuals who want to release their anger by throwing those things to the wall.

Instead of actually uttering a vulgar word at your enemy, you can just throw any ceramic item at the wall and use your imagination that you are smashing those items to your enemy! The items that you can throw on the wall are NOT free. Price range of the items starts at around 15 Pesos for a mug or a saucer, 18 Pesos for a bowl, 35 pesos for a big plate, 150 pesos for a pitcher, and the most expensive is the T.V. which costs around 2 thousand pesos!

The Tacsiyapo wall is well labeled with people’s description such as well-hated “mother/father in Law”, “ex-wife/husband”, “ex-girlfriend/boyfriend”, “alcohol, and other bad habits”, “casino”, “high-blood, arthritis”, “creditor/debtor”, “magnanakaw (thief)” and even your annoying officemates or your boss and many more. There’s even a special wall for the Isdaan restaurant employees to release their stress from annoying customers and from the looks of the wall it seems that they haven’t used it at all.

If you are really carrying that much anger inside you then you may even get tempted to buy the Television to smash it on the wall. Talking about anger management!

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