Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Google Analytics Academy

I've been using Google Analytics for several years now and I admit I still havent mastered everything on this tool. Luckily Google Analytics just launched Google Analytics Academe for digital marketers and analysts to stay up-to-date and to have a more in depth understanding of Google Analytics. Google Analytics Academy can help you understand how Google Analytics works and how it can help you improve your products, services or maybe increase your sales.

Knowledge is power and the more information you know and understand about your website can help you make informed decisions by learning relevant facts or data about your website.

Whether you are an advance or new user of Google Analytics, I am sure that you will learn something new Google Analytics Academy. The Free Registration starts today, so better hurry and sign up. When you sign up you will

Unit 1 – Course overview
Unit 2 – Getting started with digital analytics
Unit 3 – Understanding and using Google Analytics data
Unit 4 – Collecting actionable data with Google Analytics
Unit 5 – Navigating Google Analytics reports
Unit 6 – Navigating Conversions reports
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