Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Silent Hill: Revelation Movie

I watched Silent Hill: Revelation Movie with my friends and I remember that when I was younger I always hide or try not to watch whenever my brother plays this game on his gaming console.

I don’t get easily scared with the unknown things like ghost, vampires and the like but this game gives me the creeps. I don’t know why and watching Silent Hill: Revelation made me remember why I don’t like playing it.

This movie will give you that feeling that "you are alone against the world of unknown".

Actually the movie is not really that scary but there’s this one scene when a friend really shouted loudly in the cinema and everyone laughs because it was because of the toaster oven.

Though many movie reviewers say that Silent Hill: Revelation isn't a great movie, it did a good job of making you anticipate what will happen next.

The story started when Clemens introduces herself by giving a hilarious speech about how she doesn't care about anything and doesn't want to be friends with anyone, and then when the teacher asks Harington to introduce himself next and wittingly says "Are you kidding? I can't follow that."

Then the story progressed by giving time for the two characters to know each other.

After that they set off to Silent Hill, driving through the dark, and Harington admitting that he is part of cursed people.

I’ll stop here so that I wont spoil the movie to other people.

I just wish that they have showed more monsters in the movie.

If you haven’t watched it here’s a short trailer of Silent Hill: Revelation

One more thing, the nurses in the Silent Hill Revelation movie looks like Lady Gaga’s dancers in her Bad Romance Music Video. Just look at the photos below for comparison.

Lady GaGa Bad Romance Backup Dancers
Lady GaGa Bad Romance Backup Dancers

Silent Hill Revelation Nurse Character
Silent Hill Revelation Nurse Character

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