Friday, March 06, 2009

Rapper Francis Magalona diagnosed with leukemia died today

My brother called me from our room and told me to take a look at what he's watching... I was sudden and wasnt sure if what I am watching (Eat Bulaga). His co host Vic Sotto announced that Francis Magalona a.k.a. Francis M. died today... After i heard those words the rest of Vic Sotto's speech no longer registered to me.

I just asked my brother wasnt he (Francis Magalona) getting better? I recalled the last interview i saw on her daughter about his health.

We just lost another great artist. My condolences to the family of Francis Magalona.

Some of Francis Magalona well known songs:
* 1990 Mga Kababayan
* 1990 Gotta Let 'Cha Know
* 1990 Yo!
* 1992 Rap Is Francis M
* 1993 Meron Akong Ano!
* 1995 Freeman
* 1996 Happy Battle
* 1998 The Oddventures of Mr. Cool
* 1999 Interscholastic
* 2001 Freeman 2
* 2002 The Best of FrancisM
* 2004 Pambihira Ka Pinoy
* 2008 F Word
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