Thursday, October 23, 2008

Smaller and faster gadgets

Your next MP3 players, mobile phones and other gadgets could become smaller, faster and more energy efficient. Let's not stop there, future gadgets could have improved battery life and a lot cheaper. All thanks to a new computer design technique created by Edinburgh scientists.

They have developed a way to cut production costs and make the modern technology more efficient using their new computerized design process. With their new computerized design process they will able to provide the optimum result for a specific function and identify which combination of components can be used that can give them good performance and energy efficiency.

Dr Timothy Jones, of Edinburgh University's school of informatics, who led the research, said: "Using our method would enable designers to choose the best combination of components for their needs. For consumers, this means faster, smaller devices, producing less heat and with improved battery life."

This means that designers can now use this tool to pinpoint which processor they can use with which compiler to meet their requirements for new, improved products for the market. The development of this tool can also be used to extend battery life and cut production costs.
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