Saturday, October 04, 2008

Prudential life - Datamex SCAM

Last friday, I got a call from somone named Dennis asking where my sis. I told him she's not around and if he have any message I will just take note of it. He told me he is a Prudential life employer in Makati and my sis won free tuition fee for a 2 year course in Datamex. All she have to do is claim it to their office somewhere (he even gave their number 7961757).

I know instantly that it is a scam... my instinct told me not to trust this person... Since i dont have anything to do i decided to play along.

Me: How my sister can claim the price.
Dennis: she only need to present 2 goverment id's and a credit card. You can even claim it for her.
Me: I said ok. But i dont have any id's of sister here...
Dennis: Just bring 2 id's and a credit card.
Me: I only have 1 id.
Dennis: That's ok as long as you have a credit card for verification.
Me: What if i dont have a credit card? Can i use 5 goverment id's instead of the credit card?
Dennis: No. The credit card is needed for the verification...
Me: You can use all of the 5 government ids to verify my identity.
Dennis: Blah, Blah Blah,

By this point i lose all interest to listen to his explanation so i just plainly told him that i will tell my sister about the price she won. I checked Google if there's any information available about Prudential life and Datamex promos or scam and i end up stumbling these infos...

"Good Day! You need to claim and activate ur 3 EXCLUSIVE REWARDS and PRIVILEGES from Prudential Group - MAKATI TODAY. This is very IMPORTANT and URGENT. For more details and for ur CLAIMING POLICY SECURITY CODE w/c will need upon claiming, pls call upon receipt of this message from 9:30am - 5:00pm #8173572 look Ms. Mhegan Lacdao Releasing Officer of Prudential Life. Thanks! Congratulations!"

Today, O received a text message from 09176167851 that says" FRM: PRUDENTIALIFE INC, Rada Branch- Makati. In line with our '29th Yr Anniversary',w're glad to inform you that you are entitled to receive Privileges from our company.You need to claim this ASAP.For more info please call at 8921731/4741191 look for Ms. Mary Anne Banico Many thanks. 'DISREGARD IF CLAIMED'"

Just to warn you, this kind of dubious offer from Prudential Life in Makati. Heck, after wasting your time going to Makati, they just ask you if you have a credit card and offer you insurance! So be warned!
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