Saturday, November 01, 2008

The best Interactive Mirror

This Interactive Mirror is from BlogLitStudios, watch the the video below to see why I called it the best Interactive Mirror in the market today.

You actually have to see to believe why this Interactive Mirror is so great. What the BlogLitStudios accomplished here is something different from other company that tried to make an ordinary mirror into an interactive display. Although this model of the Interactive Mirror may have some less practical applications but I am sure that you will enjoy not only the look but the things you can do with it! You can even allow your child to use to to doodle things instead of using their crayons to draw on your white wall. The interface of this Interactive Mirror looks like an iPhone and you can even draw on it literary with your fingers.

That's not all you can also try out T-shirt designs by simply selecting patterns on a design menu. I could surely use this function specially when buying new clothes on the store, just think how can this Interactive Mirror can make your shopping easier.

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