Thursday, April 24, 2008

Wii are FIT

Who said that gamers are just a bunch of losers whose big fat ass is always on the couch? If you are one of those people who view video games as the reason why overweight kids exist then think again! Since the motion-sensing Nintendo Wii has been a big help for us gamers to be in the right direction. Now, thanks to the highly anticipated Wii Fit video game, the movement to help chunky gamers (like me) lose weight is poised to take a giant leap forward.

Now you can find many titles for Nintendo's blockbuster system Wii. Wii Fit features several unique collections of mini-games like yoga, Hula-Hoop, soccer, and more. Unlike other titles, Wii Fit requires players to actually move their bodies (and not just wave their right arm). With that they have made those big assed gamers move and do some exercise and be fit. According to yahoo buzz, searches on "wii fit" have recently jumped to 89% and other related queries on "wii fit release date," "wii fit price," and "wii fit preorder" are also on the move.

But amid the excitement from the new wii fit there still some people with some concern. Wii Fit requires gamers to stand on a platform (included with the game). This wii fit platform determines the gamer's sense of balance and movement and it also calculates their BMI, etc. Since people are aware of this, some searchers are also looking up "wii fit weight limit." Well I can’t blame them…

If you think that there are a lot of kids searching the new Wii Fit… think again! There are more adults that are searching for Wii Fit than kids. Well anyway, no matter who plays the game, Wii Fit is surely going to make Wii console a lot more difficult to find.
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