Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Kyle xy season 2

Like i said in my earlier post im hook with kyle xy especially now that i finished watching kyle xy season 2. I found out late that kyle xy season 2 has 13 episodes already, i thought it only had 9. Sigh! They say that kyle xy season 3 will be on air early next year.

Anyway, In kyle xy season 1 Everyone wants to know who is kyle. Now, kyle came back to treggers in kyle xy season 2 begins to understand who he is. Kyle xy will also meet jessy the female counterpart of kyle. Jessi is briefly seen in kyle xy season 1 in a test tube marked with 781228 and designated XX while Kyle test tube is marked with 781227 and designated XY.

Kyle xy season 2 trailer - HE IS NOT ALONE!

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