Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Hangover 2

the hangover 2Hangover please leave me alone! I am thinking of watching "The Hangover 2" this weekend with a friend. Maybe its not the best comedy film today but it reminds me how me, my friends and especially my bro loves to drink. Sometimes friends come over to our house to drink booze and have fun. A friend even told me that they only drink occasionally like celebrating “Sweldo” day, happy day, birthday, boring day, Friday night, Saturday party, break up, Ligid day (will explain what this is next time)… hmmm like creating a reason every time just to be able to drink. One time, my bro even asked to post their crazy pictures of stupid and sometimes wild things that our friends does whenever they get drunk. Im sure most they don’t even remember most of the crazy stuff they did which reminds me of The Hangover 2 movie.

Although The Hangover is fun, entertaining and somewhat predictable, I still love it. Not only that I only liked the characters in “The Hangover” movie but because I can relate to the movie character’s drunken misadventures like waking up the next time not remembering how I was able to go home or what happened the night before. I hope they do something fresh with the story and the characters. Anyway, even if they show the same old gags, it’s still ok for me.
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