Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Watched Burn after reading at Robinsons Place Manila

Robinsons Place MidtownI was able to get some time off and meet Chibi last week. We met at Robinsons Place Manila and was a bit shocked coz the place seems all new to me. I haven’t been there for years and years and seeing how big the mall now makes me want to move somewhere near it. I think I was still in college the last time I went there and Padre Faura wing was just built back then and now they have Robinsons Place Manila’s Midtown Mall. The new additional wing is called Midtown.

Anyway, we were supposed to watch twilight but it was still not available that time so we have to choose another movie. We end up watching Burn after reading and I WAS REALLY DISAPPOINTED with the movie. I felt rob after watching this movie. It wasn’t that good compared to other flicks of Brad Pitt or George Clooney like the Ocean series.

burn after reading movie posterI wasn’t so ecstatic for this movie but it was full of crap! I didn’t like it at all. I just waste some good money to this movie. I should’ve watched another movie like “My only you” (I did watched it, this time with Shobe but that’s another story). So here I am now blogging about the crap which I should have done after I watched it but due to busy schedule this is my only free time to unleash the inner bitch in me. I was so f-king disappointed with this movie. The movie was so boring, lackluster and total crap that makes me wants to go back there and demand my money back!

If I were you I will not watch this movie… You will just waste your money and time. It was really, really bad movie. Instead of Burn after reading this movie should be titled Burn after watching!
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