Wednesday, September 05, 2007

sand sculpture

It’s raining tonight. Hmm, I miss summer and the beach. Especially the beach party game me and my friends do whenever we go to the beach. One of the activities I enjoy doing is building a sandcastle or building sand sculpture. Well I am not good building sand sculpture and yeah my friends also sucks with making sand sculpture but it fun and you usually get the chance of criticize the sand sculpture of your friends.

You will usually find sand sculpture contest during summer and not just ordinary sand castles and sand sculptures but the ones like in the images below. Well I know everyone has tried their best building a sand castle or sand sculpture but if you want to be a pro in building sand castles or sand sculptures you have to practice. There is also a lot of available information as well as tips on to build a sturdy sand sculpture on the internet.

I dreamt of living in one of these sand castles or be famous because of my sand sculptures when I was still kid.

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