Thursday, September 06, 2007

iPod Touch launched

We have to bid our goodbyes to 4GB iPhone now that Apple released their newest product on the market the iPod Touch. Apple has put an end to all the speculations lately by launching iPod Touch which look like the iPhone except that it is no phone.

The iPod Touch is a sleek looking touch controlled iPod and has a 3.5 inches color screen, a built in WiFi Internet access, apple’s Safari Internet browser and its thinner (eight-millimeters). Aside from that with iPod Touch you can easily flick through your photos and it even have the slide to unlock feature that people will surely love. Another amazing feature of the iPod Touch is its WiFi capability. Yep WiFi and you know what it means.

Apple will be dropping their 8GB iPhone to $399 (approx. 18,354 pesos) while you can get the 4GB iPhone for only $299 (approx 13,754) – yeah a lot cheaper when it was first launched in the market.

One of the reasons why Apple continues to do well in the industry and gain market share is because of their commitment to give seamless and consistent user experience to the consumers of their devices. I admit I am one of those people who are waiting for iPod Touch to be available in the market in a few weeks.

Now even with iPod nano 8GB - Silver you can lets you enjoy TV shows movies video podcasts and more. The larger brighter display means amazing picture quality. You can grab the iPod nano 8GB for around $194 way much cheaper compare to other brands on the market today.

Here is a guided tour of the newest iPod of Apple.

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