Sunday, September 16, 2007

Blog directories

Eli listed top 15 Blog Directories ordered according to their Alexa rank. This is a great way to promote your blog, increase traffic and also a great way for your blog to reach more people.

Well today you can blog almost about anything (except for the illegal ones) but one common problem of bloggers around the world is how you will reach other people to read your blog. Well aside from being the first one to create post about the newest controversial topics, sending your blog to blog directories actually helps your blog reach more readers and increase the chances of your blog content to attract readers. Thus, increasing your traffic and ehem of course your popularity over the Internet. If your content is interesting the chance that random reader will become your subscriber is very high.

Here's my additional blog directories that will help you penetrate the blogging world. Be sure to submit your blog on these websites, it will help you a lot. Good luck!
I highly recommend that you visit bloggers directory because its new and easy to enlist your blog!

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