Friday, May 25, 2007

thursday or friday or thursday???

Its Thursday night and i am expecting a call from my friends... somehow i was waiting for someone to rescue from this boredom... me and my friends usually go out every Friday or saturday!

I dont know what got into me... Kala ko FRIDAY NA!!! nak ng putcha... kaya pala bagot na bagot na ko sa kakahintay dito pero wala pa ring tumatawag o walang nagpaparamdam kasi nga THURSDAY palang! hanep...

I was comfortably sitting on our couch thinking of things to do to lessen this freakin boredom while waiting for my friends to drop by, text... call...

Jeff: Ma, anong araw ba ngayon?
Ma: thursday...
Jeff: ay, lang ya... kaya pala walang nagpaparamdam sakin ngayon... putek!

after that very very very short conversation with my mom i went to my room and post a blog, play with sam and put a gun to my head to end this misery... kidding... ^_^
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