Thursday, November 10, 2005


Jolog peepz, unite! Hehehe! Basahin niyo ito, guys! Tawa ako ng tawa nung nabasa ko ito! Pwede niyo rin gamitin ito sa everyday conversations... huwag lang with your English teacher/prof... Hehehe! :)

"The more, the many-er."
"It's a no-win-win situation."
"Burn the bridge when you get there."
"Anulled and void."
"Mute and academic."
"Come on, let's join us!"
"If worse comes to shove."
"Are you joking my leg?"
"It's not my problem anymore, it's your problem anymore."
"What are friends are for?"
"You can never can tell."
"Well, well, well. Look do we have here."
"Let's give them a big hand of applause."
"Been there, been that."
"Forget it about it."
"Give him the benefit of the daw."
"It's a blessing in the sky."
"Right there and right then."
"Where'd you came from?"
"Take things first at a time."
"You are barking at the wrong dog."
"You want to have your cake and bake it too."
"First and for all..."
"Now and there..."
"I'm only human nature."
"The sky's the langit."
"That's what I'm talking about it."
"One of these days is not like the other."
"So far, so good, so far."
"Time is one of the elements."
"In the wink of an eye..."
"The feeling is actual."
"For all intense and purposes."
"I ran into some errands."
"Hi, I'm . What's yours?"
"What is the world is coming to?"
"What is the next that is?"
"Get the most of both worlds."
"Bahala na sila sa mga batman nila."
"Whatever you say so."
"It's a base-to-base casis."
"My answers have been prayered."
"Please me alone!"
"It's as brand as new!"
"So... What's a beautiful girl like you?"
"I can't take it anymore of this!"
"Are you sure ka na ba?"
"Can't you just cut me some slacks?"
"What a coaccidents!"
"Writing is not my cup of coffee."
"How dare you are!"
"That's the way the ball games."
"Oh, I have his telephone call."
"That's hitting two birds with one tree."
"I also love you too."
"The water is clearless."
"What did you did?!"
"You have bad breathe!"
"I'm proud for you."
"That's the ugliest thing I ever saw!"
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