Wednesday, November 23, 2005

I Want...

i want to love yet lately i dont have any idea how its done anymore
i want to care yet i remain so cold with people who need caring
i want to feel yet the numbness which is my only refuge is so strong
i want to know the reasons why the truth scares me these days
i want to cry yet the tears are holding on and dont want to be exposed
i want to give my life to someone special but who's that person?
i want to save others from their suffering but my pains is making me blind
i want to want forgive those people who hurted me before but the pain keeps coming back
i want to find the answers to my never ending questions
i want You because i think you are the answer from all these things
i need You as i need air to breath and water for my thirst...

you are my air,
my water,
my food
and my soul
you are everything to me
thats why

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