Sunday, May 04, 2008

Tacsiyapo at Isdaan

Have you been to ISDAAN? It’s like a theme park with a restaurant (that serves great food). That’s how I see it. Giant Mayan/Aztec-themed sculptures will be the first things that you will notice when you drive along the hi-way at Gerona, Tarlac. That will surely be enough to make anyone who passes the hi-way curious of Isdaan.

You will find floating bahay kubo when you enter the restaurant as well as giant fish (statues) hanging from fishing-rods. They have whole lot of comfort food that you will surely love from seafood, grilled meat and cholesterol-packed goodies and veggies! There are a lot of things to see and enjoy around the place. They even have now 2 huge Buddha statues. You will also find giant urinating/spitting monkeys where you can play with your family or friends and try your luck staying dry.

You can even win a 1 kilo of fish when you successfully cross the San Kilo Bridge back and forth carrying a bucket of water. Just be sure not to fall and you have spare clothes because you need to pass through the giant urinating monkey. Well if you don’t want to get wet you can still enjoy their sumptuous food and enjoy the ambiance and feed the fish. Yes, you can feed the fish there for free.

The Tacsiyapo wall is another attraction they have which was featured many times on TV and on print. You can buy a mug or plate for P 8-15 or even a functioning TV (P1,500) and throw it to the wall. You can choose different things to that you can throw to the wall. Tacsiyapo is a great way to release your tension and anger.

My bro tried it and according to him it’s a different way to to release your anger... He tried smashing some plates and cups when we went there. Well, I don’t know who would be crazy enough to drive for 4 hours from Manila just to throw a TV into a wall but sure thing is Tacsiyapo is a great gimik for Isdaan.

Some people don’t want to stop by this place maybe because of its design with stone giants. But I think this is the best place to stop over especially if you are going to Baguio or Pagudpud or before driving back home to Manila. So be sure to include Isdaan on your list when you plan to go up North again and I assure you that Isdaan is really worth your time.


lui said...

nice shots.. Yeah it's a good pit stop for family or with friends to eat..

Joeseph said...

That looks like a really cool place to go and quite entertaining by the sounds of it. Wouldn't mind checking it out one day, thanks for posting!