Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Christopher Lao Floating Car

Christopher Lao interview after driving his car in deep floodChristopher Lao interview after driving his car through the flood became an instant hit in the net. But after topping the search queries the driver was battered by insults from netizens because of the way he answered the reporter's questions.
Christopher Lao video went viral on various social networking sites and made him the 8th most discussed Twitter topic worldwide at some point. He was even became the 2nd trending topic on Twitter nationwide.

The video showed how Christopher Lao blamed everyone – the Metro Manila Development Authority traffic enforcers for not warning people that the road was already impassable, the bystanders for not showing concern for another fellow man, etc.
“I should have been informed. They should have blocked the road. Did you guys even tell me? Did anyone tell me? It’s like people were waiting for somebody to just do that? Bakit ako? (Why me?).” Christopher's rant seemed inordinately unreasonable and incomprehensible, and okay, most of us find it hilarious. People asked why he need to blame the world and everyone else for something that needed commonsense, why demand to be informed of something that seemed pretty obvious and why do he need to continue to drive though that obviously deep flood street?

I even saw somewhere that MMDA already responded to Lao's request that he should be informed that its a deep flooded area and promised that they will put up boards to remind people so that this will not happen again and it says "Bawal Dumaan May Lumutang Na Dito"

Ok, I know that it's kinda rude to even include the board here but its too damn funny not to share it. Its typical of us to make fun of other people's mistakes but have you ever thought what if you were the one in Christopher Lao's shoes and receiving all those nasty comments about that situation?

Maybe he really dont know how deep it was, maybe he was under stress since (i think) he was reviewing for the Bar exam or maybe there is other unknown reasons why he decided to drive through it. Whatever his reasons might be, Christopher Lao has already made a mark in Philippine internet trends.

You can watch Christopher Lao floating car video below:

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