Sunday, March 14, 2010

Just having a relaxing day

I already fixed my wifi at home and i love that even though i am outside i can still do the stuff i need to do online. I am currently writing this post under our Mango tree just relaxing and trying to finish the book that Joan lend me - Hunger Games. I am already on the 12th chapter and things are getting really exciting. Well this is the first book that i'll finish for this year and i still have a lot of books that i want to read.

Its really good that i was able to relax and go back home every weekends. I live here in the province and i am usually at the city working during weekdays. Every Friday, I make sure that i go home so i can spend my weekends here with my friends and family. Actually i didnt grew up here, we used to live in the city but needed to move here in the province when the owner of the lot that we were renting back then asked us to move out because they are going to use the lot to build something and then the rest is history.
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