Saturday, August 25, 2007

Tribal Tattoo designs

Since high school I was wondering when I can I get my tattoo. My lady friends find the angel tattoos or angel wing tattoos with message or name inscribe around it. I don’t like it because it will make me look like a sissy. I find it sexy when girls have back tattoos or lower back tattoos. My mom doesn’t like people with tattoos. She never looks at tattoos as a form of art. I can’t blame her because you usually find criminals with tattoos all over their body in different tattoo designs.

Since then I was fond of tattoos and usually check magazines and websites for tattoo designs. Tattoos are forever and if ever I will going to have one I will not sit down and get inked up that hastily without ever thinking of the tattoo design because I want my tattoos to be different and unique. Thankfully, there are a lot of tattoo designs available in tattoo gallery and websites that can help me which tattoo design to choose.

Some of my friends suggested to get a snake tattoo design. I prefer tribal tattoos over snake tattoos. I can’t imagine myself getting inked up with that kind of (snake) tattoo design. Tribal tattoo design is more complex and looks good.

I know that there are a lot of questions to consider before I decide to get a tattoo like where I should place my tattoo. Should I put it on my shoulder or on my lower back or how about on my neck?

Anyway, I am still clean and like before I am still checking other tattoo gallery for different tattoo designs that will go with my personality. For the mean time I will stick to my henna tattoos.

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