Sunday, June 10, 2007


Love changed me,
The way I think,
The way I act,
The way I decide
And sometimes
I even go against
My own principles
And beliefs in life
Love doesnt
Always mean
I will be happy
Sometimes all it
Provides me is
Pain and misery
Yet I was blinded by
Strong emotions that
I failed to see reality
Sometimes letting go
Is the answer
And it hurts like hell
But soon I will realize
That its better to see
The person I love
To be happy
With someone else than
Lonely with me

Its called



i forgot where i got this...
i used to believe this...

pero hirap

lalo na pag love mo ung tao...

*update - i was browsing sa mga old posts ko...
nakita ko similar post nung sacrifice...
nov. 24
my bday
di ko na matandaan kung bakit ko sinulat to...
memory gap again


someone asked me why do i love her....
i can easily say coz she's beautiful
nice, charming, lovable,
etc. etc.
i cant say any words
to her
not because i dont love her
it just that
sometimes you dont have
to have any reasons
why you love


munting kakornihan
ko nanaman...
pag bigyan nyo na...
minsanan lang naman ito....


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