Wednesday, June 20, 2007

IM status

funny IM status for Wednesday

I eat and breathe pokemon - err... ala ako maisip kaya eto nalang nilagay ko ^_^

"deeeeeeeeeedumdeeeeee" to love or not to love - gian in love ka nanaman????

"busy ka daw sabi ng katabi mo" - sir leo walang takutan ^_^

"I'm happy, don't ruin it by talking to me." - hala bahala ka sa buhay mo...

"I visit my friends' houses with the sole intention of eating their food." - glutton ito!

"ym names are like jokes, some are funny, and some are retareded" - parang ikaw?

If you don't like me... then there's something wrong with you! - olol! haha

It's mind over matter, I don't mind, and you don't matter!

i saw this image from moongirl they used their ym status to promote
a cool is that ^_^ nakakautuwa!
IM status
"The funniest story, I think, was when someone clicked my link that said ‘PORN!’ and complained when it wasn’t porn."

errr.... update ko nalang later... wala pang nilalagay ung iba e... ^_^

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