Sunday, June 24, 2007

CHEAP THRILLS for 20 pesos!

Yesterday, just when I was getting money from the ATM machine, I remembered an incident that happened a week ago – I can’t find any ATM machine to withdraw money and worst all I had was 20 pesos in my wallet. Well to make the story short… Mila paid for some of my rides and in return I escorted her from QC to Guadalupe before going home to Bulacan. Well actually, she promised to give me a blue berry cheesecake – MILA asan na ang blue berry cheese cake ko?

After staring some time to that 20 pesos bill in my hand I was able to find out things that I can buy for 20 Pesos. Here is my list of things that you can buy with that much money!

With 20 pesos you can have 2 Jeepney Rides and enough money to call someone to pick you up.

Senior citizen and students are lucky because they will only get charged P6.00.

2 sticks of banana cue (also my favorite). This is a very cheap thrill for those who have sweet tooth.

You’ll be able to buy 5 pieces of Pan De Sal with your favorite embotido, liver spread in your suking panaderya.

Check friendster, chat, talk with friends etc etc for 1 hour internet rental! Some charge for as low as 15 pesos per hour.

Sino makakalimot sa dirty ice cream? You can even treat your best bud with 20 pesos!

Cotton candy – be a child again! Every kid that I know enjoys this light and sweet treat.

Don’t forget the Binatog - a white corn sumptuous snack with salt or sugar. 1 bowl please!

How much does 1 Regular Fries cost? Yup – I think there is still something you can buy in a fastfood restaurant!

Have you ever visited the University of the Philippines museum?

You can also buy a cellphone load worth 20 pesos.

Your 20 pesos could also be...

a one way mrt/lrt ride (15 php below)

a very satisfying snack at jollyjeep! This is way much cheaper than eating in fastfood restaurant in ayala!

A serving of pansit will only cost you 15 php as well as spaghetti, palabok, lomi and sopas. Pay only 10php if you only want half of it!

You can also get a slice of egg pie, nilupak, kakanin, puto, yema and etc! That’s cool!

a bottle of softdrink or bottled water

you can also buy a romance packet book for only 20 pesos or exchange your old ones for only 5 pesos.

Beat the summer heat with halo halo! YUM YUM! Or you can have 20 times the fun with 20 pieces of ICE CANDY!
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