Wednesday, May 23, 2007

another survey....

1. The song you've been most singing to
yourself recently?
~ beautiful - kevin fok

2. What do you currently want right
~ chicken curry yum yum

3. What did you do today?
~ work, then sleep for 3 hours update ng blog

4. Are you hungry? What would you
~ nope... i just want to eat chicken curry ^_^

6. Do you ever just sit outside and
watch the stars?
~ i used to... kaso malamok...

7. Do you do a lot of surveys? Why?
~ not really... pag walang magawa lang...

8. What is your current annoyance?
~ boredom...

9. Do you want a new cell phone?
~ nope... but having a new one is a nice idea...

10. Are you waiting for someone right
~ uhmm...not really... i already told the person that dont want to wait any more...

11. What time are you going to bed?
~ after i finish this survey

12. Name one thing you're looking
forward to this week?
~ nothin special... maybe a date or something...

13. Are you planning on visiting some
old friends?
~ dapat today... e naginarte ako... hahahha

14. Can you make new friends easily?
~ sure... pero tahimik kasi ako pag bagong kakilala medyo naiilang...

15. What would you do if your best
friend turned gay?
~ e di gud... suportahan taka... kaso malabo... Ninong nako ^_^

16. Do you plan out what you wear the
day before you wear it?
~ nope...

17. Has anyone ever told you "You
dropped your pocket", and you looked
down looking for it?
~ none

18. What is music to you?
~ Your tool in expressing the emotional torment you are suffering...
one's way of expressing thoughts, emotions, ideas, happiness, pain and etc.

19. Have you ever fell for your best
~ no. but i used to love one of my friends...
tell you... once you cross that line, you cant go back - smallville ^_^

20. If you had a chance to save
someone significant to you, would
you? [even if its the same result
that, they'll forget you].
~ without 2nd thoughts

21. How many times do you eat each day
~ di ako nag bbreakfast... lunch, dinner and snaks...

22. How do you cheer someone up?
~ ehem... may sense of humor naman ako kahit papano...

24. Is it easier for you to fall
asleep or to be woken up?
~ woken up...

25. Have you ever had breakfast in bed?
~ yes...

26. Are you a picky person?
~ picky saan??? food, friends, briefs? be specific... lol

27. Think of one person, stick with
it. you dont have to say their name.
Would you pick them up stranded 100
plus miles away if it was your
~ YES! best friend mark is so special to me... tulad nalang nung last birthday ko... sinundo ko pa sila ng misis nya kahit medyo malayo...

28. Has your best friend/s ever hurt
your feelings?
~ nope... but before... i used to have this feeling na naiiwan ako sa ere... pero alam ko naman may sari sarili kaming buhay... kaya no matter how you wanted to see your friends or best friends... may kanya kanya parin silang buhay...

29. Seriously. Do you know how to
~ medyo... dirty dance.. ^_^

30. Do you think its funny when people
get hurt?
~ bad ka...

31. Who makes you laugh the most.
Give at least two people
~ patty and kuya bern

32. If you had to guess, how do you
think you're gonna turn out in life?
~ business man... hahahaha
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